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Methodology is Key to success.

Any business in the world cannot sustain longer without a careful analysis, proper planning, design, development and technology combined with the specific needs. Arm InfoTech is dedicated to provide highest quality web development services on a project basis. Our methodology is well-integrated with the skills and expertise of our professionals


Our methodology not only makes us reliable and dependable but also enables us to deliver projects on time and within the confines of their budget.

Requirement Gathering/Analysis
Initial Task of developing any software is gathering requirement from client. Once after gathering the requirement, Executive will conduct a sessions with the Project Manager to determine the scope of the project. This is done on the basis of information provided by the client in the form of documents, sample sites, business plan, Presentations & process specs.
After conducting the requirement study, a comprehensive well documented Software Proposal document will be prepared. It clearly specifies the functional and performance requirements of the system. It also specifies the Payment, Time, Software requirements with clear information about the design constraints. This document will be used to validate the system after the development process.
The Design Phase includes multiple sections including conceptual design to achieve the correct course of action for the overall template, and software architecture are used to fully communicate the overall design and layout of the course to the client before development begins.
Once the design template is approved by client, development process begins. This important stage converts the designed system in to functional system. Development tasks may be assigned to any number of programmers that vary from one project to other. Our client plays a vital role in our development phase and the client gets informed about the progress of the project Unit testing will be done by the programmers after completing each module or whenever necessary.
Testing is an essential part of the software development life cycle. Team of expert software tester will be carrying a comprehensive testing of the system being developed in different phases.
Once all modules are developed and integration testing has been completed, the project is delivered to the client for review. Developed application is deployed on the live server.
The maintenance of software is an important aspect of development life cycle. Support and Maintenance starts after application is deployed in live server. The software will definitely undergo change because of some unexpected input of values into the software or the changes in the system could directly affect the software operations. Continuous maintenance is essential.
This is one of the popular Engagement model, in this Price and timeline of the project is fixed at the beginning of the project. Fixed Price Model is suitable for the customers who know exactly their requirements and well documented. There is limited risk to both parties as the scope; price and timelines are fixed in this model.

Milestones-based payment schedules are followed for progress monitoring. For any changes in the project requirements, a standard change request procedure is followed and payment.


Ideal Discussion
In this phase, the requirement of the client are gathered and understood by the Executive.
In this phase, the requirement of the client is analyzed with the project manager / Technical Head for the estimation of hours and price.
FPEM - Proposal with timeline and quote
Formal Proposal with the detailed Feature list, Milestone details, time line, and price is sent to client for approval. If any task is missed proposal is revised and sent for approval. Once client confirmed it development process starts.
Development Process
Development of project status is shared with the client on regular basis once the milestone is completed. Proper communication during development ensures that quality deliverables are developed and delivered within time.
Testing is done by the client/Testing team to ensure the business objectives of the client is meet.
Once the Testing is completed, project is deployed on live server
T & M model means the customer pays for the project in terms of resources used for the project over a time. T&M Model is the right choice allowing you to modify your specifications, adjust time schedules and define scope during the execution of your project.

We provide regular detailed reports on the work done on your project, which describe the progress and process of your project and also facilitate you to plan ahead.

The time and material model provides the flexibility of varying the size and workloads of the software development team assigned to your project, while optimizing time and costs.


The Time and Material Engagement Model is ideally suited in situations wherein:

  • When the software application development project scope , specification and implementation plans cannot be precisely defined
  • Duration of the Project cannot be estimated.
  • Requirements change dynamically during project implementation process