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MLM Software Development

Welcome to the forefront of business innovation with our MLM Software Development. We specialize in crafting progressive solutions
that empower your multi level marketing endeavors, ensuring sound management, robust analytics, and unparalleled efficiency.
Our software is designed to enhance your network marketing experience.

ARM InfoTech

Best MLM Software for Your Business

At ARM InfoTech, we provide the best MLM software to make your business successful. With more than a decade of experience in this MLM industry, we have served many clients across the country. We have a dedicated team of experts to develop the best solution according to the client’s specific needs.

The script is packed with various features and add-ons to effectively control and oversee the MLM business operations. Our script is highly customizable; allowing you to tailor your software to your preferences. Hire our experts to develop your customized MLM software!

Unified Network Marketing Software Supporting
a Spectrum of MLM Plans

Best MLM plans to suit every business need. Lift your strategy with our top-notch software solutions,
crafted for various MLM plans and loaded with exceptional features.
binary mlm plan

Binary MLM Plan

The binary MLM plan mainly supports excellent teamwork. It helps companies to better monitor their growth and estimate commissions accurately.
matrix mlm plan

Matrix MLM Plan

A forced matrix MLM plan helps customers focus on building a strong and active downline as it has limited breadth and depth.
board mlm plan

Board MLM Plan

This revolving matrix plan encourages distributors to recruit more members to fill a certain number to get higher compensation.
monoline mlm plan

Monoline MLM Plan

This plan ultimately promotes rapid growth, which is commonly used by companies aiming for rapid recruitment.
unilevel mlm plan

Unilevel MLM Plan

This compensation plan ensures that the brand gets more exposure and it helps explore a deeper network of distributors.
mlm party plan

MLM Party Plan

This plan helps consultants reach a larger audience, and earn commissions from sales generated by hosting an event.

Our Variety of MLM Plans


Gifting Compensation

When a distributor recruits a member they receive gifts or rewards. it helps businesses encourage cooperation among team members

Flower Looming
Gift Plan

It helps MLM distributors earn incentives; the plan makes it easy to track users' investments and enhances sales by increasing recruitment.

Australian X-up

The plan basically motivates members to achieve a certain number of sales. Also, this Australian X-up plan encourages mentorship.

Stair-step Compensation Plan

Distributors in this plan are promoted to the next level if a certain target is achieved. This program drives performance effectively.

Even up/Odd up

Distributors will pass up sales based on even or odd levels. The scheme offers a bonus if a member reaches a certain number.

MMM Helping

Members can earn benefits by supporting another member. It improves the MLM business by aiding the challenges of its members.

MLM Investment

The MLM Investment Plan opens doors to financial growth by allowing participants to invest and reap returns through a dynamic network.

Hybrid MLM

Hybrid MLM is nothing but a combination of any two network marketing plans, which enables MLM businesses to achieve more in sales and profits.

Our Unique Features

Single-click Installation

You just need to click once to install the MLM software. This ultimately reduces time and effort; you can enjoy a hassle-free experience.

Multiple Payment Gateways

This feature in our MLM software supports users to have convenient wider payment options like offline and online payments.


The multilingual feature makes it easy to reach people globally. It allows you to communicate with them in their preferred languages.

Responsive Design

Our responsive designed MLM software adapts to various devices, enhances user experience, and helps MLM business by reaching a wider audience.

Dynamic Wallet System

This convenient wallet system helps users in many ways, it enables users to transfer funds to another user or shop products from the funds available in the wallet.

Powerful Admin Panel

Our MLM software comes with several components that enable effortless supervision and effective control over MLM software operations.

Why Choose Us?


User-Friendly Interface

Regular Updates

Customization Services

Cost Effective

Comprehensive Support

10+ Years of Experience

Certified Professionals

Strong Features

Our Premium Features

Replicate Website

This feature enables MLM members to have a customized website to promote their products. It improves web presence by creating a duplicate platform for affiliates.

Lead Capture

This system helps identify potential customers and facilitates conversion, which leads to higher profits with a highly professional lead capture management system.

Marketing Tools

Our solution offers dynamic features for targeted campaigns and comprehensive analytics. From lead generation to conversion tracking, our MLM software has you covered.


E-pin enables secure transactions within the MLM network. Mainly used for commission distribution and purchase of a product. This ultimately promotes transparency.

Prime Features of Our Ultimate MLM Package

Genealogy View

With the help of this feature, the activities of downline members can be easily monitored and managed. This is visible on the admin dashboard. It helps in running a smooth and efficient MLM business.

E-Wallet Integration

Integrating E-wallet allows distributors to make secure transactions within the MLM network. These Features distributors by allowing them to monitor their real-time balance and improve financial activities.

2-Step Authentication

This additional verification step will act as an extra layer of protection for your software. It protects your data and prevents to allow non-permitted members. It also protects the user’s personal details.

Compensation Plans

Choosing the right plan is crucial for an MLM business. Bonuses and commissions are sent to distributors based on the compensation plan. We can also customize compensation plans to suit your needs.

E-commerce Facility

It enables businesses to list and sell their products on websites, increasing sales. Administrators have access to perform activities such as managing products, issuing coupons, and more.

Advanced Report System

All transactions on the website will be extracted in the form of reports and combined with an advanced filter system. It ultimately helps to know about business productivity.

SEO Optimized

SEO-optimized feature for enhanced online visibility, driving traffic and maximizing lead generation. SEO integration in MLM will increase your reach and business growth.

Custom Features

This feature allows us to customize or create a new feature according to your preferences. It caters to the unique needs of an MLM business; it allows you to easily manage your MLM business.

MLM Calculator for Commission Calculation

To simplify the process of choosing the best compensation plan we offer an accurate MLM calculator in the software. It shows potential profits instantly. With limited inputs, you can calculate profit as a percentage or flat. Our calculator is built to handle complex compensation plans. We can customize the calculator according to your preferred compensation plans. We also provide calculators for compensation plans like Matrix MLM, Binary MLM, and Unilevel MLM. Use our MLM Calculator to make decisions based on valid data.
mlm calculator

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