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Development Methodology

At ARM InfoTech, we are committed to delivering the  highest level of customer service through our innovative and collaborative project management systems. Our methodology is designed to ensure that every project is handled with utmost care and efficiency.

Our Methodology

We ensure a smooth and streamlined procedure from start to finish with our cutting-edge project management technologies. Our experts will collaborate with you to understand your specific needs and objectives through the following methods.

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Methodology User
Development Methodology
Development Methodology
Development Methodology
Development Methodology
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  • scrum
    Agile Methodology
    Implementing a time-boxed approach, we meticulously plan and define each project phase to ensure adherence to timelines and successful outcomes.
  • agelie
    Scrum Development
    Utilizing Scrum, we ensure clarity in roles, regular communication, and iterative development cycles (sprints) for optimal project management.
  • waterfall
    Waterfall Methodology
    With Waterfall, expect a clear and structured project plan, promoting organizational efficiency and facilitating progress tracking.
  • spiral
    Spiral Methodology
    Our Spiral Model strategically integrates design and prototyping in phased iterations, fostering effective project development.

Our Delivery Methods

Offshore Delivery Model

Our Offshore Delivery Model strategically outsources tasks internationally, harnessing diverse talent for cost-effective, and premium solutions tailored to your project.

Onsite Delivery Model

Our on-site delivery strategy involves sending skilled professionals to your location, ensuring seamless collaboration with your in-house team from start to finish.

Offsite Delivery Model

Opt for our Offsite Delivery Model for shared benefits, as the service provider gains a deeper understanding of your needs, enhancing collaboration & results.

Hybrid Delivery Model

ARM InfoTech's Onsite/Offsite Hybrid delivery strategy provides the best of both worlds. This unique model ensures an optimal balance between low cost and quick turnaround, offering superior outcomes for your needs.

Global Delivery Model

Our Global Delivery Model strategically utilizes talents from diverse worldwide locations, ensuring comprehensive solutions and delivering excellence across various markets for a significant global impact.


Our Pricing Strategies


Our Development Process

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Submit Your Project Requirements

Our team will assess your project needs and select the most qualified resources tailored to your project.
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Consult Project Details with Our Analysts

Utilizing our On-Site delivery strategy, we bring our project expertise directly to your website.
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Select Engagement Terms and Timelines

Select meeting dates based on expert consultations, tailoring engagement to your project needs.
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