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Trading Bot Development

Explore cutting-edge crypto trading bots, algorithmic orders, and portfolio management solutions at ARM InfoTech. Our commitment lies in delivering bespoke bot scripts, meticulously crafted to meet individual client needs. Harnessing advanced algorithmic orders and portfolio management services, we empower clients with access to highly efficient and effective trading strategies.
Take your emotion out of the equation

Automate Your Trading

  • Manage Your Portfolio
    Connect all of your exchange accounts, and use our trading terminal to manage them. Without charge!
  • Trading Bots
    Copy traders effortlessly or automate trading with our advanced AI in the trailing features of our trading bots.
  • Trailing features
    Our AI automatically executes orders based on price changes, optimizing profits or limiting losses in volatile markets.
  • Advanced Algorithm
    Carefully analyzes data to identify strategic trading opportunities, ensuring a comprehensive approach to maximize returns.
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Pinnacle Attributes of Our Script

  • Seize opportunities for integrating multiple exchanges within a single bot script.
  • Access inbuilt strategies and customizable options tailored to your preferences.
  • Achieve effortless trading results and maximize profits seamlessly.
  • Choose from a variety of strategies to align with your trading goals.
  • Utilize a script with a robust revenue model for optimal financial outcomes
  • Efficiently manage multiple accounts for a diversified trading approach.
  • Leverage trading automation for a streamlined and time-saving process.

Beneficial Aspects of Trading Bot

The trading bot script ensures a safe and secure trading experience. With fast execution speed, it can quickly analyze market data and make informed decisions to maximize profits.

Secure Your Funds

Prioritize the security of your funds by implementing advanced encryption protocols and stringent security measures designed to prevent unauthorized access.

Easy API-Key Setup

Establish a safe API connection with your exchange account. Easily automate trading tactics with a user-friendly interface for novice and seasoned traders.

Swift Trading Servers

Our servers execute orders quickly and reliably, reducing latency and increasing trading chances, while our powerful trading algorithms accurately assess market changes.


Types of Crypto Trading Bot Clone Script

TradingView Signal Bot Script

Traders can seamlessly connect their bot to one or more indicators using custom TradingView signals, triggering alerts and initiating trades in response. TradingView offers a variety of signal techniques, including both one-time and recurring options. Repeated signals can be employed to scale a position at a dynamic support level, accommodating fluctuations in asset prices over time, while one-time signals can be utilized to initiate a trade during a breakout or retest of the resistance level.

Terminal Trading Script

Efficiently manage your exchange accounts and portfolios from a single accessible spot with our terminal trading script, eliminating the need to navigate through various interfaces. Track real-time market data, place trades, and review your success seamlessly using our trading terminal. Enhance your trading efficiency, make well-informed judgments, and save valuable time and effort, allowing you the freedom to focus on strategic decisions that can elevate your overall trading experience.

Copy Trading Script

Copy trading provides an excellent opportunity for novice traders to enhance their trading strategies without prior experience. By analyzing the successful strategies, beginners can gain valuable insights into the market. This method allows newcomers to commence trading promptly without delving into complex techniques, making it a convenient way to participate in the market and potentially achieve profitable results by following the footsteps of experienced traders.

Royal Q Clone Script

By automating crypto trading through our bot, you can continuously monitor the market and let it execute trades on your behalf. The initial step involves defining values for order-planning strategies such as Take Profit, First Buy-In Amount, Margin Call Limit, Take Profit Ratio, Take Profit Call Back Value, and more, all designed to enhance the effectiveness of trading strategies.
The bot then executes trades based on these predefined parameters, ensuring that your trading decisions remain unaffected by emotions or market fluctuations, thereby increasing the likelihood of profitable trades. Furthermore, our bot provides real-time market analysis and updates, informing you about the latest trends and enabling you to make well-informed trading decisions.
Crypto Exchanges

Run Trading Bots on Top Crypto Exchanges

Connect your exchange account with API keys and create your crypto bot instantly.

Customize the script with the integration of popular exchanges.

Get Started in 4 Easy Steps

1. Sign Up for Free

Choose from a range of plans
(free and paid) to suit your needs.

2. Connect Exchange

Connect your existing
exchange account via API keys.

3. Activate Bot

Get started with the bot activation with a subscription fee

4. Start Investing Today

Choose from a wide selection of strategies or create your own.

Frequently Asked Questions?


Trading bots analyze market data and execute transactions using various indicators, with our script, we offer suitable bot choices for bear, pull, and sideways markets, varying based on the bot and trading strategy.

No specific programming knowledge is needed, our script offers user-friendly interfaces for configuration without extensive coding.

The Royal Q clone script has 3 inbuilt strategies, 1. Totalware house mode 2. subbin mode 3. subbin realtime mode.

We provide setup assistance and tech support for the script. The user manual for the admin panel and bot configuration will be provided.
Yes! The open-source codes of the script are completely customizable and it’s yours forever. Moreover, you could use it on multiple websites after implementing the required modifications.

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